Purchase of a 67 C10 SWB

Truck's first day home!
The urge to buy a 67-72 Chevy short bed fleet side truck started around the middle of 1998. I wanted to find a solid truck with very little or no modifications to the body. I did not care about the engine or tranny, as I intended to replace them with a new crate 350 and rebuilt 700r4. I spent a good 5-6 months looking at many trucks, some were not for sale, some were too modified, some were not in good shape, and others had too much money in the engine. I even checked out a car dealer who specialized in older hot rods and trucks. When I asked about locating a 67-72 SWB truck, he said, "Those trucks are the craze right now, and if you find one, buy it on the spot, then think about it, cause if you go home and then go back to buy it, it will be gone."

Kind of Ugly!

In early January of 1999, I found a 1967 C10 SWB for $1400.00. After looking at the truck for about an hour, I offered the owner $1000.00 and we had a deal. I used a car trailer to bring the truck home as it was a non-running truck. The truck was in fair shape, but needed to be rebuilt so that it would be a depenable ride. The body had a lot of surface rust on the original white paint job. There were dents on each panel of the truck except for the front grill, hood, and top of cab. The passenger fender and door had rotted through near the bottom. The tailgate was pushed in. The wood in the bed was rotted as well.

283 engine

The engine was a 283 that had been converted to run on prophane via a valve mounted on the inner fender well, with a hose from the valve to the top of the air cleaner. The carb was still there, just the gas line was pinched off. The transmission is a 3-speed manual.


The interior is a bright blue color. The bench seat had been recovered, and as picture shows, radio, ash tray, glove box, and heater control are missing. Notice the dash and doors have not been cut for stereo and speakers. The gauge pack is just the standard gauges and dummy lights.

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