To move it MAN!

Before I started painting, I had to make a trailer hitch that would bolt to the rolling chassis so that I could get it out the garage. My driveway is sloped, and trying to push it out of the garage would only leave me standing at the top of the driveway as I watch it roll across the street, and through my neighbor's fence. Not a good feeling I'm sure. Once the hitch was made, I could hook up the frame to my GMC Jimmy, and just tow it to the bottom of the driveway. Now onto painting. I used Du Pont's Final Clean to clean all of the sheet metal, except for the cab, which I need to remove some rot and weld in some new sheet metal, and the passenger bedside, which I am trying to replace with a better piece. Once all of the remaining pieces were clean, I started spraying with Du Pont's 3240 . This took about 8 hours spread out over three days. I will have some pictures in the next couple of days to add. Now onto the cab.
tailgate and such


body panels

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