Rust Repair

I am first starting with the cab, which needs three sections of the floorboard, both rocker panels, and some sheet metal under driver side rocker replaced. After that, I will weld in the new dash (air), fill in the gas tank filler hole, then the cab should be ready for primer. I then will start performing bodywork using hammers, dollies, a stud welder & puller, and lightweight bondo. I will post pictures as they come. As I finish each part (cab,bed, doors, etc) will add new info and pictures.... As you can see from these pictures of the floorboard area of each side, the rocker panels have been removed, and both front door pillar sections need to be replaced as well as then inner rocker panels, and small sections of the floor panels. Just ordered all of the replacement sheet metal from Chevy Duty on Feb. 18 (about $197.00 with shipping). Once I get the parts, I will start cutting the cab. Got a chain saw?

Well, I got the patchpanels from Chevy Duty, and the two floor board section were heavily damaged due to POOR PACKAGING!! Even the UPS man commented on the flimsy tape up box as he cut his hand on protruding sheetmetal. All of the other panels were fine as the floor sections took all of the damage. I started cutting out the rusted metal on the passenger door pillar, kick panel, rocker panel backing, and floorboard. Tonight, I will hang the door, and start tacking the new panel in place. (3/2/00)

Passenger door piller
Rust No More!
Driver door piller.
Rust No More!

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