Well, This page will be ongoing, as I will be jumping between modifications and bodywork. The modifications that I have planned are convert non-air cab to air cab, close the gas filler hole on cab, modify driver rear taillight to tilt open for the new gas filler tube, modify the driver rear stake pocket tube to fit a gas filler tube in it, remove the forward stake pockets, fill in the stake pocket holes, (I think that is it for now).

new A/C dash welded in.
New A/C firewall
Since my truck did not come with factory air, I removed the original dash, and welded/bolted in a dash from a 70 truck with air from the junkyard. Also, I had to change the firewall to match an A/C cab. I will add more information and pictures as I progress with the other planned modifications.
anything missing?


Well, I decided to but the original 67 dash back in so that it would correct look of a 67. Kinda anal, but oh well......
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