Bed Wood

I chose to use Teak wood as I grew up around sailboats and spent many summers working on treating and taking care of other's boats in regards to brightwork and I like to be different. I ordered teak from Washington and it was shipped to my door for 1/2 to 1/3 of cost of what local wood shops in San Francisco and Berkeley wanted. Once I got it, I trimmed the boards down to size and then used a table saw to cut the grooves for the metal strips. I then set up a plastic lined section in the garage to create a clean room to apply the varnish. I used Interlux Goldspar Clear varnish, two coats reduced by 50%, and then 10 coats with 24 hours of dry time and sandng between each coat. Notice this wood is knot free!! Well, actually, there are two knots which I cut and placed both of those in the small pieces behind the wheel wells.