Prepping and Painting Frame

Primered Frame

I sandblasted the frame in my driveway. When I was done with sandblasting, I had sand in every crevice of my body, not a fun experience. Before I painted the frame, I had to modify the area where the steering gearbox bolted up to. I cut a 4x4 piece of wood to fit inbetween the frame, and shaped one end to create a dimple that would match the indentation that was needed to allow the power steering gearbox to fit. I then took a torch, and lightly heated up small sections of the frame, and tapped that section to push it in. I continued this until the frame had butted up to the dimple of the wood, then performed a test fit with the gearbox. I repeated this three times until the gearbox would fit. I then wiped the frame down with Du Pont's Final Clean, then applied two light coats of Du Pont's Veri-Prime. I then realized that I forgot to remove the manual transmission cross member, and a small bracket located just below where the brake master cylinder would be, as I was planning on using a 700r4 automatic transmission. I then also removed the drive shaft carrier bearing bracket so that I can use a one piece drive shaft. Next, the frame was rough up lightly with emery pad, then wiped down with a tack cloth, and finally wiped clean with the Final Clean. I then sprayed the frame with Du Pont Chroma-One Gloss Black. I can't find the pictures of the painted frame itself, but you will see some more pictures with the brakes and engine...

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