Suspension and Brakes

Front Suspension

Most of the suspension parts, already sandblasted, were primered and painted the same as the frame. For the new stance, I brought a 4/6 inch drop kit from Early Classics. That kit included four lowered shocks, 2 inch drop front coil springs, 2 inch drop front spindles, 6 inch drop rear springs, new upper and lower rear shock re-locator brackets, adjustable pan hard bar, and new locator for the pan hard bar. I brought new upper and lower control arm shaft kits, inner and outer tie rod ends, upper and lower ball joints, pitman and idler arms, and sway bar bushings for a 1975 Chevy 1/2 ton. I also pulled rotors, and brake calipers from a junkyard 1975 1/2 truck, and pulled a 1 1/16 inch sway bar from a one ton Chevy. Using the rotors from this year truck allowed me to convert from the stock 6 lug pattern to a newer 5 on 5 lug pattern. After having the rotors turned, and rebuilding the calipers, I started to reassemble the front suspension with power steering, power disc brakes, sway bar, and a four inch drop.

Rear Suspension
Rear Brakes and lines

For the rear, I opted to use a Ford nine rear end with factory disc brakes. I pulled this from a 1975 Lincoln Continental with a 460 engine for only $175.00!!. I also grabbed the brake proportional valve. The nine inch is only one inch wider than my factory 12 bolt. All I had to do was remove six brackets from the nine inch, and weld on two Chevy locator brackets. I also had the rotor turned, and rebuilt the calipers. The lug pattern on the nine inch is also a 5 on 5, so that took care of the 6 to 5 lug conversion for the rear. Before I dropped the rear-end in, I replaced the upper shock mounting brackets with the ones from Early Classics. I also replaced the trailing arm bushings. I then reassemble the rear suspension, using the new shocks, springs, pan hard bar and brackets.

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