Stripping body panels

Stripped doors & cowl

I started out by using a DA sander to strip the cab of the truck. The truck had never been repainted, so it only had the original white paint and primer under that. After about two days of sanding, I only managed to strip about 50% of the cab, not including the inside. I then tried aircraft paint remover, and found that to be very messy, and I did not feel good about the possibility of stripper hiding in the cracks and crevices of the cab, which would lead to paint failure later on in the life of my truck. I took all of the truck's sheet metal to a shop to be media blasted. This took about one week, and I got every piece back stripped down to metal on all sides. Having the panel stripped, allow me to see several cracks on the driver side door, an extremely rippled passenger bedside, and several areas of rust that had rotted through on the cab. Cost was $700.00, but my garage is much cleaner, and I could get right down to painting the primer. Some other pictures of sheet metal follows....
Grill & Tailgate



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